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Mastery in art of Music (Sola Bhagwat Vidhyapith), Shri Vartantu-Sanskrit- Maha Vidhyapith, Presently the education for Upnishad(mysitical/ Philosophical knowledge) study is going on.
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• Award from PP Yagnik Memorial Cheritable Trust • Award for Entire Brahm Samaj Association • National Sanskrit Vidhyapith- Tirupati-Award • & many more
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Since childhood his likings towards Bhajans and love to know about religious literature. He completed his studies by taking education through the medium of Brail(lippy) . He passed the first examination of “ Sangeet Visharad” and started playing Tabla and Harmonium. He has learnt by heart Ramayana, Mahabharat, SHrimad Bhagwat and Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta by listening cassettes.

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